High Pressure Water Jetting

Capper Group offers jetting services for the disposal or re-use of pipework and vessels, confined spaces, weighbridges, pumps and surfaces.

Our large range of equipment ranges from 2,500psi to 15,000psi. We regularly use lower and hot pressure equipment to complete projects and the jetting units carry their own water so water supply is never an issue.

Capper Group employs a small, highly experienced team of UHP (Ultra High Pressure) Jetters who operate between 15,000psi and 40,000psi for tube bundle cleaning, hydro demolition or just where higher pressures are required.

Health & Safety is a priority for us and Capper Group’s
in-house training academy is accredited by the Water Jetting Association. The twenty plus team of Jetters have all attained the recognised standards and have completed an intense competency framework which covers both classroom training and on-the-job assessments. We also have specialist B.A trained teams who can work within confined spaces.

Whether you have a small one-off job that needs tackling or you would like us to work on a large, long-term maintenance contract please contact us for a quotation.

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